“Helping your dental & medical team build relationships with patients every day!”

Serving dental offices since 1995. Ceiling tiles are installed above the patients chair with word & picture puzzles. Tiles are changed every 3-6 months. Its quick and easy, tiles are changed at a convenient time for your office. A monthly per tile fee is paid quarterly or annually. There is no contract, you can stop at any time. A 30 day FREE trial is available, which allows dental practices to get feedback from their patients.

Did you know..

According to MacKenzie Management,

75% of people are afraid of the dentist


  • Diverts patient’s attention away from uncomfortable procedures
  • Provides patient with something enjoyable to do while waiting
  • Reduces patient stress and anxiety
  • Lightens the overall atmosphere
  • Gives common ground for the patient and their practitioners to interact

“A unique way to make going to the dentist more enjoyable”

The Waiting Game is a program for dental offices to improve the patient experience and the relationship between patients and dental professionals. Helping your dental & medical team build relationships with patients every day since 1995!

Our patient are thinking about it (the waiting game puzzles) and we don’t even realize it until the appointment is over and they ask for the answers!

-Dr. Mark Gleixner

“Helps patients relax”

-Dr. William K. Marshall

“Helps pass the time for patient”

-Kendra Benecke, Dr. Nicholson

“Trying to figure out the answers with the our patients and their response when they find out the answers”

-Laura Reber, Dr. Gleixner

“It is a very nice distraction to our patients when they are having treatment and it gives them something else to focus on rather than the task at hand”

-Tracy Smith, Dr. Robert Taylor

“Patients really enjoy the games!”

-Dr. Jeanette Lawson

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