Why Choose Local Trend?

To provide the very best direct mail and digital advertising solutions that will inspire and motivate consumers to help
our business partners thrive. Local Trend uniquely combines the reach of direct mail with digital marketing and social media. Through this packaged straightforward approach to local advertising, Local Trend deliver both immediate response and long-term customer retention, attracting new clients, increasing your exposure, and growing your customer base.


Stunning oversized visuals wow your target audience. 10.75” x 6.3175” is nearly 68 square inches – a giant space to present your goods and services their very best. Our larger presentations are more noticeable and generate greater customer interest in your business.


We present your business on premium bright glossy paper that enhances image quality with full bleed and 4 color. The effect of this brilliant paper is a beautiful and captivating look that says, “high quality.”


Vivid eye-catching design helps you stand out from the crowd. With Local Trend, the images, text, and layout of your marketing will harmonize to communicate to your customers that your business is best-in-class and sought after. A bold design enhances your brand. It connects with consumers so you stay in the forefront of their memory.


Local Trend puts large, stunning, and well-designed marketing into thousands of homes. We are effective at connecting businesses with the community, and we delight in the success of the businesses we serve. We would love to serve you too. Not all marketing solutions are the same – Trending Now is something special.

Local Trend Map

Indianapolis Area Zones

(including Money Mailer)

• 20,000 Homes & Businesses Per Zone
• High Demographic Mailing Areas
• 60 lb. High Gloss Paper in an Oversized Booklet Format (11” x 6”)
• Available Options — Full Page, Front Cover, Back Cover, Inside Front Cover, Inside Back Cover, First Page, Half Page, Double Spread (Two Facing Pages), Double Page (Back & Front)

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South Indy

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