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We reach individuals at their home address. Our comprehensive consumer database is updated monthly and is compiled from over 100 different sources that include public records, real property data, transactional data and more.

• Customized design
• Full color printing front & back
• Large 5.5” x 8.5” format
• Personalized with the recipient’s name
• Mailing list license
• Demographic selects
• Precision mapping
• Addressing
• Paid postage through the USPS
• Measurable results with barcode tracking system

Special Occasion


Every month thousands of consumers will be celebrating their birthday right in your area. At Celebration Mailers, we can help you identify those consumers and invite them into your business to celebrate their birthday directly. Our Birthday program is a unique way to reach out to new customers, current customers, and past customers. We make sure they are all remembered on their birthday, and that they remember you, with a special gift from your business.

Over 70% of birthdays ages 21 & over go out with groups of 4 or more people. Even in today’s budget-focused economy, birthdays are still first for dining out compared to Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. The National Restaurant Association says that 7 out of 10 consumers dine out for their special day and the average consumer chooses a restaurant 3.0-3.7 miles from their home. People love receiving complimentary gift certificates from local businesses, especially on their birthday. You have the ability to differentiate your business from hundreds of competitors by sending out a personalized gift when it counts.

Special Occasion

New Movers

Send a welcoming mailer to new movers who have joined your neighborhood that will invite them to try out your local business.

• Over 40 million people move in the U.S. each year

• 70% to 90% of new movers are families new to the area (United States Postal Service)

• The majority of new movers are 18-34 years old, and 80% try new products and services from local businesses

• New movers spend more on goods and services in their first six months

• They are also more likely to become loyal and regular customers

• People moving into a neighborhood spend an average of $9,400 on establishing their new house as home (2015 Epsilon study)

Special Occasion


Personalized, “Happy Anniversary” cards mailed to couples in your area celebrating a wedding anniversary each month.

• Beautiful, full color printing shows the highest quality representation of your company
• Our large, oversized postcard stands out in the mail
• Each card is personalized with the couple’s name to grab their attention
• Our database is compiled from marriage certificates filed at courthouses across the U.S. and continually updated against divorced, deceased and NCOA lists to provide the most up-to-date list of married couples available

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