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At Local Trend Indianapolis, we help small business owners in Indiana with all of their printing needs. From office stationery to signs and banners, we’ll work with you to come up with effective printing options that meet your budget and marketing goals. One of the easiest ways to begin printing and growing your brand is with the production of door hangers. Our team may suggest door hangers, which are more cost-effective than a mailer and are an excellent way to build awareness about your business. Door hangers and other print options are a unique way to provide immediate results as we craft other aspects of your new marketing strategy.

Often times business owners hesitate doing door hangers because some distribution teams have a reputation of throwing away door hangers to cut time. We not only provide proof of distribution via maps and pictures, but we will pick you or a staff member of your business up on the day of distribution and have them pick a street at random for us to drive them to. We have no way of knowing which street you’ll pick, so we have no option but to deliver to every address you requested.

What We Offer

Unique Value Props

Office Stationary

No matter what type of business you operate in Indiana, we can provide the necessary stationery for your office. We’ll develop a corporate logo and place it on everything from envelopes to business cards and letterheads.

Signs and Banners

Increase your brand recognition with our signs and banners. We provide professional printing, vivid colors, and bold lettering for all of your indoor and outdoor signs. We can also print products such as window clings, banners, decals, and tradeshow booth equipment.

More Visibility

The more consumers see your logo or company name, the more likely they are to remember your business. Doorhangers are an excellent way to increase visibility since consumers are forced to look at your logo before entering their home or business. We also offer car magnets, shirts and other branded merch.

Response Rates

Small business owners should implement print marketing and door hangers into their strategy. These methods can be part of a comprehensive marketing strategy that helps drive business and increase sales. Still not sold? Consider these statistics:

The investment ratio on print marketing is roughly 13:1

Door hangers are the cheapest print marketing option available


Door Hanger Response

The door hanger response rate ranges between one and three percent


Direct Mail Ads

Nearly 80 percent of households indicate they read or look at direct mail ads


New Customers

Approximately 40 percent of customers said they tried a new business because of a print ad they saw


Younger Customers

More than 90 percent of young shoppers indicate they prefer direct mail when making a purchasing decision

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